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More than two decades have passed since the last Youth year in Lithuania, in those 22 years a new generation of young people grew up. On May 13 of 2021, The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania have confirmed that in 2022 we will commemorate the Lithuanian Youth Year!



2022 is really special for Lithuanian and European youth, because there will be no lack of attention to the issues they care about, nationally and internationally.

Back in the middle of the 2021 Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania declared 2022 the Year of Lithuanian Youth, and soon the European Parliament dedicated this year to the youth of Europe. And these are not the only celebrations that await for young people In Lithuania in 2022.

This year, Lithuanian youth will celebrate two more important anniversaries – the 30th anniversary of the Council of Lithuanian Youth Organizations and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the World Lithuanian Youth Union. These organizations have made an exceptional historical contribution in representing and uniting young people in Lithuania and around the world.

Until now, the Year of Youth in Lithuania has been celebrated only once, back in 2000. However, not only has the world around us changed dramatically since then, but a new, active and curious generation of young people has grown.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has made recent years unusual for young people. The global crisis has created new economic and social challenges for young people starting and settling on their own. The consequences of the pandemic affected their health, studies, employment, leisure and the civic activism.

“A survey of the opinion of young people conducted by the European Commission, in which young people from Lithuania also participated, revealed what kind of youth year they want. Trends show that young people want to be heard and understood, seeking to communicate and collaborate not only with decision makers but also with each other. In addition to the impact of the pandemic, the importance of sustainability and climate change, youth work, mobility, gender and digitalization has also become clear,” says Justinas Juškevičius, the coordinator of the Year of Youth


This year is not only for young people, but also for professionals who are working with young people, politicians and the general public. Participants will be invited

to get involved and organize events, initiatives, festivals, trainings and workshops, cultural and entertainment activities and to explore and address the challenges facing young people.

2022 provides an excellent opportunity to draw attention to the situation of young people in Lithuania and Europe and to reflect on the important role that young people will play in shaping the world of the future. In the Year of Youth, the focus is on empowering young people.

In order to properly address this issue, the Youth Agency has taken a number of key steps. It is expected that even those young people who have been more difficult to reach and inform so far will not be left out in 2022. This year, even civic activity of young people and their organizations will be encouraged even more.

Young people and decision-makers will also be encouraged to engage in closer dialogue and jointly address issues that are sensitive to young people. Sharing positive examples of EU youth policy will also help bring about the expected change.

“This year a lot of attention will be directed to the regions as well. Young people will be able to talk about their problems at regional events and express their views in surveys to shape the vision of regional youth policy for the next decade. They will also have the opportunity to get involved in career planning sessions and organize their own initiatives. We also want to inform young people about opportunities that we have not been reached before. So, for some, it will be the year of discovery, ”says J. Juškevičius.

Throughout the year, various organizations operating in Lithuania and abroad, including the Agency of Youth Affairs, the Representative Office of the European Commission in Lithuania, the Council of Lithuanian Youth Organizations, the National Association of Lithuanian Youth Affairs Coordinators, will promote active youth participation and seek to remind young people and the proposals are important and will not be forgotten.

The Lithuanian Youth Year Action Plan approved by the Government ->