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PUBLISHED: 2022-04-20,
UPDATE: 2022-04-25,
POSTED BY: Jaunimo reikalų agentūra
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Kaunas County Public Library presents the project “Space For Self-Expression” for young people as a part of Lithuanian Year of Youth 2022 program.

Maybe you’re in the 18-29 age group? Do you have a lot of different thoughts in your head? Dreaming of a solo show or performance, or maybe you just want to gain new knowledge? You are not alone, there are many like you! Join the project “Space For Self-Expression” and present your work!

What is “Space For Self-Expression”? It is a space for young people to present their visual arts, to make connections, to acquire visual arts and presentation skills, to discover new skills, to share knowledge and experience, to learn from each other – in other words, to develop creativity. The project will include several activities: exhibitions, performances, reviews, educations, creative meetings. The project is funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council, included in the Lithuanian Youth Year 2022 calendar of the Lithuanian Agency of Youth Affairs. Registration for young developers. Registration is open until May 1.

An educational program is planned for April-August, including 6 different lectures and educations. They will take place in Kaunas County Public Library.

1st lecture (April 23, 12.00): prof. dr. Remigijus Venckus, “Photography – Theory and World Examples”. The media artist and critic who creates experimental photography will explain the direction of his photography work, explain why, how and what he creates, how his bold experiments in photography and computer technology relate to language and its perception, what themes predominate, what he seeks when experimenting with technique and forming an unusual aesthetic solution.

2nd lecture (May 12, 5 pm): Tomas Lagūnavičius, “Text Creation”. The director of the Adult and Youth Training Center, a consultant in economic-social psychotherapy, and a business coach will teach phraseology – expressiveness, surprise, wit and textual presentation. Text creation is an attempt to transfer your inner meanings, ideas into textual, visual, audible or other form. How to do it well? In what style of writing, where to find a text idea? How to structure an idea? How to arrange it in time and space: in a book, article, performance, video? How to make it fun, provocative, attention-grabbing? And most importantly, what creative methods can be used to create interesting texts?

3rd lecture (June 4, 12.00): Remigijus Venckus, “Video Art – Experimental Film Making”. The media artist and critic who creates experimental photography is constantly researching the media, revising the boundaries of photography, experimental video, literature and language, as if making a permanent invention of a language.

4th education (June 15, 5 pm): Laima Giedraitienė, “Painting on Fabric”. The artist develops oil painting techniques, works as an art therapist, and illustrates books for children. You will get acquainted with the possibilities of using different types of paint. You’ll learn to draw a contour pattern on fabric, paint areas, or just spray fabric paint to tint the shades. All you have to do is bring the textile you want to smear.

5th education (July 5, 5 pm): Vaiva Kovieraitė-Trumpė, “Transfer Graphics”. Graphics will introduce you to the creative process and you will try several different graphics techniques yourself (monotype, transfer technology) using unusual materials and tools.

6th education (July 13, 5 pm): Laima Giedraitienė, “Monotype in Painting”. You will learn the technique of making a monotype imprint, you will learn how to extract the desired colors. Later, using these monotypes, you will create abstract paintings with acrylic paint.

The aim of education is to develop creative thinking and provide new insights that help in creative processes. The classes will introduce new techniques and their interconnection.

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