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Websites for young people “Conversations about literary experiences”

PUBLISHED: 2022-04-25,
UPDATE: 2022-04-25,
POSTED BY: Jaunimo reikalų agentūra
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The project “Conversations about Literary Experiences” is a webcast on topics relevant to adolescents and youth.  This project was initiated by the Department of Children and Youth Literature of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania The impact of books read as a teenager on their life choices and professional success was discussed with prominent cultural figures.  Podcasts talked about creativity, literature, other arts and, of course, life. During the project, 6 conversations were recorded in the sound recording studio of the National Library, moderated by the  actor Dominykas Vaitiekūnas, Marija Narbutaitė and Dominykas Sušinskis. They asked teenagers relevant questions.
We invite you to listen to all programs on the National Library’s „Spotify“  platform:
In the first show, director and screenwriter Marija Kavtaradze shares her literary experiences. She says she always knew what she wanted to be and felt like a pretty adult as a teenager. Jerome David Salinger’s short story “Franne and Zujis” read to Mary left an impression on her life. And what book would she put into the hands of a modern teenager?


In the second episode, Marius Povilas Elijas Martynenko shares his literary experience with slammer, poet, essayist, actor, translator and performer. The creator tells about his first encounter with poetry – cut poems of his mother. What was next? Radauskas, Rumi, Kundera, Bukowski … The poet shares his thoughts on how to work, because inspiration does not come by itself.

In the third edition, comic artist Miglė Anušauskaitė firmly states: “Comics are a very serious medium, not only for children and teenagers.” She also brought a bunch of books to the studio. To find out who you know where comic book stories are born, how special the book Birds of the World is, and … how to raise fans, turn on the show.

In the fourth talk show we talk to the film director Jurgis Matulevičius. The director tells the show how he had to report to his father for the books he read as a teenager. One week –  one book. What did this (then seemed, torture) experience yield? What factors matured Jurgis as a personality? “I wonder how from a thug I turned out to be an artist” says the director half-jokingly.

In the fifth edition, writer Vytautas Varanius shares his literary experience and admits that the first book he read independently turned him emotional. Do modern children still tear while reading J. Biliūnas’ “The End of Brisius”? What attracts teenagers to the writer’s novel The Greenhouse and how does it annoy critics? Why Vytautas Varanius doesn’t have a facebook and what his everyday life looks like – listen to it in the show.

In the sixth show,  singer, dancer and music band The Roop’s leader, share the idea: “When I was a teenager, I thought I had all the answers.” He also talks how  biographies of successful people helped him, as a singer and a dancer,  during the most difficult periods of his life by the and what books are waiting in line to be read today. Also shares about the lack of interest in reading, the bullying, traumatic experiences of adolescence, musical success, making decisions that change lives, and many other things – on the show.

Project partners: Kirtimai Culture Center and Vilnius Antakalnis Open Youth Center “Žalianamis”. The project is funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council. The project contributes to the activities of the Lithuanian Youth Year Celebration Program

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